Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge that local authorities can set on new developments in their area. Its purpose is to raise funds for infrastructure needs in the area to support growth. Tring Town Council receives 15% of the monies received by Dacorum Borough Council.

CIL spending should be carried out by the Town Council within five years of receipt. Where money is not used to support development of the area within five years of receipt, or is used for other purposes, the regulations give charging authorities the power to recover those funds. This is to ensure that money is spent, and spent effectively, to benefit the local community.

CIL monies must be spent on: providing, replacing, improving, operating or maintaining infrastructure that supports development in the area; or anything else concerned with addressing the demands that development places on the area.

A report of past expenditure of CIL monies can be found on our website.

The most recent expenditure proposal is to lower the kerb at the back of Church Square as it is considered to be a trip hazard, especially when the Friday Market is operating.

If you have any comments (either in support or against) regarding the above proposal, please contact the Clerk by Friday 29 July 2022 giving the first 5 digits of your postcode.

Any proposals for future expenditure are also welcomed.

Lydia Housden, Clerk to Tring Town Council
Market House, 61 High Street
Tring, Herts HP23 4AB

clerk@tring.gov.uk  01442 823347