During the coronavirus crisis, allotment holders may wish to refer to the National Allotment Society’s website for guidance: Click here

The Town Council has one site of allotments for letting, at Duckmore Lane. If you are interested in applying for an allotment or for all allotment enquiries, please contact the Deputy Clerk.

Currently a typical plot measures 10 poles (a square pole is approximately 5m x 5m = 25sq.m).We are happy to rent out half a plot; there are some quarter plots; and there are one or two plots which do not conform to these sizes, but they are the exception. Rents are payable from the date the plot is taken and then annually from 1st October.

Concessionary rates will still apply and will include holders of a Dacorum Card. Proof of age or production of card will be required at time of payment.

If you are considering applying for an allotment, please refer to the Town Council’s Allotment Policy (2018) and the  Allotment Tenancy Agreement 2019-20

The Town Council makes awards for the Best Kept Allotment and Most Improved Allotment.

Allotment map

Plan of Duckmore Lane Allotments