The quickest way to contact your town councillor is to write to them or telephone them at home. If you are unsure of the electoral ward in which you live, you can contact the Information Centre or look at the electoral roll. Copies of this are held in the Library and Dacorum Borough Council Offices, Victoria Hall, Akeman Street, Tring. Some Tring Town Councillors are also Dacorum Borough Councillors.

Miswell Ward

Cllr Nigel Nutkins

Nutkins Mr Nigel – Liberal Democrat

113 Longfield Road, Tring HP23 4DE

Tel: 01442 825110


Cllr Christopher Townsend (Town Mayor 2021/2022)

Townsend Mr. Christopher – Liberal Democrats

8 Gordon Villas, Aylesbury Road, Tring HP23 4DJ


Tel: 07754 443083

Cllr Townsend is also a Dacorum Borough Councillor

Cllr Brian Patterson

Patterson Mr B.

36 Highfield Road, Tring HP23 4DX



Cllr Helena Piper

Piper Ms Helena

49 Okeley Lane, Tring HP23 4HB



Bunstrux Ward

Cllr Mrs R.L.Ransley

Ransley Mrs Roxanne – Liberal Democrat

28 Nathaniel Walk, Tring HP23 5DG

Tel: 01442 824871


Cllr. Ransley is also a Dacorum Borough Councillor.

Cllr Alex Caps

Caps Mr Alex – Liberal Democrat

13 New Road, Tring HP23 5EY



Cllr Paul Elley (Deputy Mayor 2021/2022)

Elley Mr Paul

58 Christchurch Road, Tring HP23 4EJ

Tel: 01442 382052


Cllr Phil McDowell

McDowell Mr. Phil

2 New Canal Cottages, Bulbourne, Tring HP23 4NG

Tel: 01442 603346


Cllr Sheron Wilkie

Wilkie Ms S

52 Wingrave Road, Tring HP23 5HE


Councillor Wilkie is also a Dacorum Borough Councillor

Dunsley Ward

Cllr Penny Hearn

Hearn Mrs P.J. – Conservative

31 Chiltern Way, Tring HP23 5LD

Tel: 01442 824949 E-mail:

Councillor Hearn is also a Dacorum Borough Councillor.

Cllr Rosemarie Hollinghurst

Hollinghurst Mrs R – Liberal Democrat

Farlands, Tinkers Lane, Wigginton HP23 6JB

Tel: 01442 866650


Cllr Alex MacDonald

MacDonald Mr. A

12 Weavers Road, Tring HP23 4EZ

Tel: 01442 823490