Greening Tring

To find out details about  Green Community Grants, visit the Dacorum Borough Council Grants page.

For a list of organisations and groups working to promote green issues locally, please view the latest Tring Green Guide

One of the Town Council’s Information Centre noticeboards is dedicated to ‘Green Tring’ issues – for a taster see the photo opposite of the board as it currently stands. Further contributions will be welcomed, and we’ll try to keep all the information up-to-date!


If you’re really interested in learning more about Climate Change issues, how about taking a course on the subject? Check this out: Future Learn – Climate Change

Green Tring Board

Let’s make Tring a Bee town!

Please read the information here, to see what you can do to promote Tring as bee-friendly community. Visit Justice and Peace Tring for information about how to get involved.

And if you spot a honey bee swarm in a place where you don’t think it ought to be – check this:


Honey Bee Swarming

The Mayors’ Covenant

In the spring of 2020 Town Mayor, Councillor Roxanne Ransley, announced that Tring Town Council had signed up to the Mayor’s Covenant, a Europe-wide initiative to acknowledge the global climate crisis and to take local action to address it.


Climate Change Working Party

As we emerge from lockdown we will be working hard to focus efforts on our objectives. The crisis has alerted us all, not only to the joys of nature, but to the necessity of protecting the health of the planet. The Allotment and Environment Committee is at the forefront of the Council’s efforts to tackle climate change. Ongoing projects include reducing car use by encouraging walking and cycling, supporting the Bee Friendly Tring campaign and educating the public about waste reductioand energy efficiency. Our thanks go to all of the organisations in the town who have been busy with these projects during the year.

The Council wishes to express its thanks to everyone for their efforts in making Tring such a pleasant place to be. Our situation in the Chiltern Hills makes our town special and interest in the ‘great outdoors’ has increased during the year. Rest assured that the Town Council will do all in its power to retain Tring’s unique character and protect its environment.